The best in German naturalistic cosmetics.

The best in German naturalistic cosmetics.

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Natural Quality
From the Black Forest

  • 01 A European top natural cosmetics brand that has maintained its reputation by using the best natural ingredients to make the best skincare products under the philosophy “what cannot be eaten cannot be applied to skin” since its estab- lishment in 1959.
  • 02 Based on natural ingredients, its safety and effects have been proven through dermatologic tests. Using herb ingredients extracted naturally, we have made natural products that are also effective


With the energy from nature,
Orange Blossom Energizer
오렌지 블로썸에너자이저

Orange Blossom Energizer

The combination of oil essence and moisture essence makes your dark and rough skin transparent and elastic, and the orange extracts and orange flower water is especially effective on exhausted and sensitive skin.

High-enriched home care
depending on the skin type ‘Beauty Shot’
뷰티샷 5종

Beauty Shot 5 set

All beauty shots contain extracts from plankton, which increase the moisture containment of the skin not only to make it smooth and soft, but also to sooth it and improve complexion.

뷰티샷 5종